in ROBLOX Wikia, Never Months it's too hard to re-active.  so if violates many turn to Any month (also known as Account Blocked). Please try to block 


Ban (Block) Levels

Note: there's is no infobox. should protected.

Warring (2 Hour Block)

Banned For 1 Day (1 Day block)

Banned For 3 Days (3 Day Block)

Banned for 7 Days (1 Week Block)

Banned for 14 Days (2 Week Block)

Account Blocked (1,3,6 Months)

Account Deleted (Infimitite 1 Year)

Banned for Deleted Days (8000 Years to Re-Active) 


404 Deleted "No Longer Exists"

500 "Some Wrong"

400 "Bad Request"

thanks for editing in City Tycoona Wikia.

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